Spend Quality Time With Your Family At Second Harvest Food Bank #FeedHopeNow

Looking to spend quality time with your family and give back to the local community? Interested in volunteering but not sure where children can participate? Let me tell you about Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida


“Family Day” and “Family Night” are volunteer opportunities for families with children between the ages of 5 – 9. Your family will be involved in some sort of a warehouse activity that is safe, fun and important. During past Family Nights, my family has sorted donations, bagged fresh produce, and created care packages for families in need.

Before the work begins, everyone watches a short video “Meet Kate”. The video helps children understand what Second Harvest Food Bank does for our community. You can view “Meet Kate” below, it’s a great introduction that puts the volunteer experience into perspective.


Afterwards, Second Harvest employees explain your job. Be prepared to work hard and dress comfortably (wear sneakers). You will be working in a warehouse for two hours, there are industrial sized fans but Florida is hot. The jobs vary but you will leave dirty and sweaty. Gloves are provided when working with fresh produce (yes, some items are rotten). The tasks are always fun and rewarding, kids of all ages enjoy rolling up their sleeves, getting dirty and making a difference.

Attire: CLOSED TOE SHOES ARE REQUIRED to help out in our facility. Appropriate length shorts that are not too revealing. No see through shirts please.”

The entire volunteer calendar can be found here. You will need to sign up with a free account in order to register. Family Day and Family Night fill up quickly, so check back often. They usually schedule these every 2 months (the next one is October 21st and is already filled).

Second Harvest Food Bank needs volunteers almost daily, get your teams together and go make a difference!

For a reminder of our other Family Night experiences, click here and here.


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