Getting Healthy With #Medifast Week 9

Last week, I made the switch from the Medifast 5 & 1 plan to the 4 & 2 & 1 (for a reminder, click here). This plan has definitely allowed more flexibility and additional fuel for my workouts. The extra calories have made me feel so energized while running! My pace and endurance have both kicked up!

While the scale didn’t move in week 9, I am not stressing out. Like I keep reiterating, this is a healthy journey for me. I couldn’t be happier fitting back into old clothes that have been taunting me for over a year! Also, the scale doesn’t tell the whole story! The lean muscle mass in my legs and the inches I’ve lost is noticeable.

Now, I lace up my running shoes when I’m having a bad day versus being an emotional eater. I have replaced a bad habit with a healthy one! THAT is what this is all about…making healthier choices and feeling great.

So here’s my breakdown. I am still on a mission to lose 10 more pounds.

Month 1: down 13.6 lbs

Month 2: down 6.2 lbs

Week 9: no change

Total loss to date: 19.8 lbs

Total inches lost to date: 19 inches


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