Week 3 Plateau #Medifast

Week 3 Plateau #Medifast

I really felt like I owned this week from a Medifast perspective. I passed the week 2 mark on the 5 & 1 plan which meant my exercise level could increase since my body has adjusted to the lower caloric intake. Instead of just walking, I added jogging, run/walk intervals and fat burning exercises into the mix. I am very proud from an activity level standpoint. Also, I stayed on plan. Everything felt right and I was certain the scale was going to show a loss.

But…the scale did not go down, instead it went up by .2 lbs.

I have hit a plateau already! In all honesty, I never expected to hit a plateau in week 3. My last experience with Medifast, I dropped 5 lbs every week in the first month (for a 20 lb loss). When I reviewed my 2012 week 3 update, I realized I had pneumonia at that time (not much of an activity level or an appetite). I know I should not compare the two journeys, but I did. The bottom line is, I am way more active this time around so I am building muscle faster. That is not a bad thing!

I am going to focus on the positives this week!

  1. The scale does NOT tell the full story! At the beginning of this journey, I took measurements. I am happy to report that as of this morning, I have lost 10 inches total from my chest, waist, hips, upper arms and thighs.
  2. I am changing both physically and mentally!  I can see AND feel the loss. Muscle tone is visible (I have an athletic figure) so this is a welcome change!
  3. I logged well over 10+ miles this week (8 of those were jogging miles)! I can feel my endurance getting stronger every time I lace up my shoes.
  4. Having a buddy going through a similar journey is encouraging! My new Medifast pal has kept me motivated this week, so please stop by and show Displaced Yintzer some comment love and support.
  5. I love vegetables so we planted an organic container garden! We love gardening and this past weekend, planted peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower and herbs. Not only is gardening enjoyable, but it’s a good life lesson for my 6 year old to grow his own food versus always going to the grocery store. He is learning responsibility by tending to our plants daily and understanding the importance of eating whole foods.
Gardening  and a flavorful Lean & Green meal (baked tilapia with steamed cabbage and peppers).
Gardening and a flavorful Lean & Green meal (baked tilapia with steamed cabbage and peppers).

Week 1: Down 6.6 lbs

Week 2: Down 3.6 lbs

Week 3: Up .2 lbs

TOTAL LOSS: 10 lbs 

Game plan for week 4: Keep doing what I’m doing. Not going to lower my activity level, the scale will eventually move in the right direction. As the 10 inches indicate, I am burning fat which is just as awesome as dropping pounds.


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