Clearwater Marine Aquarium To Host 40+ Children That Suffer From Limb Loss

Clearwater Marine Aquarium will host approximately 40+ children that suffer from limb loss on Friday, January 16, 2015

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The children attend Camp No Limits, which offers a unique camping experience with programs surrounding support sessions, self esteem and confidence building. The kids are going to camp in Florida and their first stop is to visit Winter, the dolphin that lost her tail and now wears a prosthetic tail (from the Dolphin Tale movies).  The story is an inspiration to people around the world, especially to the many children who understand what it is like to live with prostheses.

Upon arrival, the children will be welcomed by David Yates, CMA CEO and Kevin Carroll and Dan Strzempka of Hanger Clinic and the creators of Winter’s prosthetic tail.

Two kids participating in this visit include:

McKenzie Adams (5 years old, CA):  

Physicians decided that amputation was best after Mikenzie was born with tibial hemimelia, a rare disease that results in a partial or total absence of the tibia. It is considered the rarest form of lower limb deficiency at birth.  McKenzie worked with Hanger and staff quickly took notice of the little girl’s joyful attitude and persistence. She likes to water ski and go dirt bike riding.  She’s inspired people that have pain, struggling or depression, as they see what that little girl can do and her zest for life.   

Jeremiah Mitchell (10 years old, OK):  

In March 2010 at the age of 6, Jeremiah Mitchell contracted meningitis at his elementary school. The outbreak killed two children and infected three others. Mitchell had all four limbs amputated, as well as facial reconstruction surgery. Today, Jeremiah is thriving with custom-designed prosthetic limbs. He receives his prosthetic care from Hanger Clinic in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


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