Guardian Angels For Soldier’s Pet #30DaysOfCaring Day 14

We have all watched videos of returning soldiers reunited with their pets. These videos always bring a tear to my eye and a smile to my heart. Now I want you to imagine a soldier being deployed but not having someone to look after his or her fur baby OR a homeless veteran who cannot adequately care for his or her pet. In most cases, the pets are taken to the local pound (which are all overflowing with pets looking for a loving home). Well, that isn’t a concern anymore thanks to my Day 14 #30DayOfCaring charity Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet.


Mission Statement: National all-volunteer 501(c)3 Military and Veteran Support Organization assisting active duty service members, wounded warriors, veterans, and their beloved companion animals or assistance service canines through various assistance programs.


  1. Establish a network of foster families providing a loving and healthy home environment for the pet(s) until they can be reunited with their owner throughout the United States.
  2. Establish National and State level volunteer management teams to promote the organization, our programs, recruit/interview potential foster homes, recruit/interview volunteers.
  3. Establish and maintain the first Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet “Military, Veterans, and Pet” (MVP) Sanctuary in Texas to further ensure there is a caring, loving, and safe home-like environment for these pets when individual foster homes are not available.
  4. Establish a network of news media contacts to keep the public informed about our organization and our progress in accomplishing our mission.
  5. Establish communication with the appropriate government agencies to ensure compliance with all regulations (federal, state, and local).
  6. Establish a network with various military locations, Family Readiness Groups (FRGs), military based veterinarians, volunteer pet transport groups, other military support organizations, and animal care facilities (humane societies, animal shelters, and rescue groups).


  1. Become a foster home! As a part of the Foster Home network, you freely and willingly offer to foster a Military Service Member’s or Veteran’s pet(s) in your home. You do so with no right to, nor expectation of, any payment or compensation of any kind for the act of providing a safe, caring, long-term temporary home for the pet you have been matched with.
  2. Volunteer! Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet like many “All Volunteer” 501c3 nonprofit organizations are only able to operate and accomplish its mission due to the generosity, time, and energy provided by those who wish to make a difference in our society. All volunteers are deeply appreciated and are critical in the daily operations of our organization.
  3. Spread the Word! 

Check out the video below “Jasper sees his soldier mother for the first time after she returns from her deployment.”

You can feel Jasper’s excitement when he realizes his human is home and safe! Thanks Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet for making this reunion possible!

You can learn more about  Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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