Clearwater Marine Aquarium Offers Expanded Holiday Shopping Experience


All purchases support CMA’s mission to preserve our marine life and environment

Clearwater Marine Aquarium has expanded its retail shopping selections and experience surrounding the holiday season.  Guests can select items such as Hope the dolphin’s favorite toy of a water squirt gun, Winter plush with a removable tail or CMA Monopoly for the whole family.

Every purchase goes directly towards CMA’s mission to preserve and restore our marine life and environment through rescue, rehab and release along with educational and research efforts.

Supporters of Clearwater Marine Aquarium and the Dolphin Tale movies can purchase items both online and at Clearwater Marine Aquarium.  Gift wrapping is available at Winter’s Dolphin Tale Adventure in downtown Clearwater.

A few featured items include:

Clearwater Marine Aquarium squirt gun – Hope the dolphin’s favorite toy is a water squirt gun, as featured in Dolphin Tale 2

Winter Plush with Removable Tail – This exclusive plush features Winter the dolphin with and without her prosthetic tail. This unique feature encourages healthy educational learning about physical therapy utilizing prosthetics through play.

CMA Monopoly – Clearwater Marine Aquarium has teamed up with America’s favorite board game to bring MONOPOLY: Clearwater Marine Aquarium Edition. Buy, sell and trade animals and exhibits such as Stingray Beach, Bailey and Winter as you build stranding pools and animal habitats in an efort to rescue, rehabilitate, release and preserve the marine environment.


Items can be found at For an in person shopping experience, visit Clearwater Marine Aquarium (249 Windward Passage, Clearwater, FL) or Winter’s Dolphin Tale Adventure (300 Cleveland St, Clearwater, FL).

About Clearwater Marine Aquarium:         
Clearwater Marine Aquarium (CMA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit working marine rescue center dedicated to inspiring the human spirit through leadership in education, research, rescue, rehabilitation and release. CMA is home to rescued dolphins, sea turtles, river otters, stingrays, nurse sharks and more. Winter, the dolphin’s story of survival after injury that caused her to lose her tail, has impacted millions of people around the world. A major motion picture, Dolphin Tale, highlighted her life story in 2011. The sequel, Dolphin Tale 2, was released in September 2014 and features the incredible story of Hope, a young resident dolphin of CMA. The mission and potential to change people’s lives differentiates Clearwater Marine Aquarium from any other aquarium in the world.

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