Clearwater Marine Aquarium to Release Two Rehabilitated Sea Turtles

Clearwater Marine Aquarium to Release Two Rehabilitated Sea Turtles

Loggerhead Indiana Jones underwent six months of rehabilitation focused on IV nutrition

Kemp’s ridley Jumanji suffered from fishing line entanglement


Clearwater Marine Aquarium will release two rehabilitated sea turtles Tuesday, September 30 at 11.00am at Ft De Soto Park.

Indiana Jones, a sub-adult Loggerhead, was found half buried on Indian Shores on April 25, 2014 by Clearwater Marine Aquarium’s sea turtle nesting patrol. She was extremely emaciated, covered in barnacles and barely able to lift her head to breathe.  Rehabilitating Indiana Jones was crucial through the use of nutritional IV supplements and fluids.  Her severely malnourished condition required 24/7 nutrition through an IV drip. She arrived weighing 66 pounds and upon being cleared for release is up to 100 pounds.

Jumanji was found at the St. Petersburg pier on June 6, 2014 swimming in circles, due to fishing line that was wrapped around his neck, both front flippers and left rear flipper. The line was still attached to a fishing pole that the small Kemp’s ridley had been pulling around with him.  Upon admittance to CMA, Jumanji received hyperbaric chamber therapy to revive the damaged tissue.  He lost half of his rear left flipper but all other injuries healed and he can now dive and forage for food on his own.

In 2014 alone, Clearwater Marine Aquarium has successfully rehabilitated and subsequently released 15 sea turtles.  In the past ten years, CMA has provided medical care that enabled 265 sea turtles to be released back into their natural habitat. Indiana Jones is the second Loggerhead CMA has released in 2014, while Jumanji is the first Kemp’s ridley.  All other releases in 2014 have been Green Sea Turtles.  Duke Energy helps support Clearwater Marine Aquarium’s sea turtle rescue and rehabilitation program.

Release details:

  • Please arrive by 10.45am.
  • Upon entering Ft De Soto Park, state you are with CMA for the turtle release. Once inside the park, drive north and continue past the gift shop. The release location will be on your left.

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