Trump Winery Tops My List For Virginia

Trump Winery Tops My List For Virginia

I love wine, especially from my home state. I welcomed the opportunity to sample a variety from Trump Winery located in Charlottesville, Virginia. Yes, you read that correctly…Trump Winery. You are already familiar with the Trump name and trust me, their wine quality is up to par.

I actually visited this particular winery several years ago (prior to it being owned and operated by the Trump family). It is situated on almost 1,300 acres of breathtaking scenery on the Monticello Wine Trail. 


I have only sampled a few wines so far (several were bottled recently so I plan on holding on to those a little longer) but wanted to share my thoughts.

The first bottle I chilled and reached for was the Sparkling Rosé which is made from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Not only is it pink and bubbly, but the nose is bursting with roses and berries. The acidity is crisp (which I love) and it’s extremely balanced. I would serve this Sparkling Rosé on special occasions, it is beautiful in all aspects!

TrumpSparkling Rosé

The next bottle I opened was the Rosé (are you seeing a trend, I am drawn to the beautiful salmon hues). The aroma is bursting with strawberries and cherry as well as rose petals. The Rosé is dry, but nicely balanced. Again, I love the acidity as well as the soft creamy finish. Living in the sunshine state, this is a delightful little wine that I’d enjoy sipping regularly.


Last bottle popped was the Blanc de Blanc made from Trump’s best Chardonnay grapes. I love sparkling wines with crisp acidity, so this Blanc de Blanc made me very happy. This bubbly beauty is bursting with aromas of pear and biscuit. The finish revealed refreshing citrus.


I am anxious to try the remaining three bottles (Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Meritage). I cannot wait until my next trip to the Monticello Wine Trail because Trump is at the top of my list!

Disclosure: I received wine samples to facilitate my review, no additional compensation was received. All opinions are my own.

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