eBay Database Breach, Change Your Password Immediately

ebay_bagTo all my ebay friends and followers, make sure to change your password immediately. Apparently, eBay experienced a cyberattack which compromised a database housing encrypted passwords AND other user data (customers’ names, email and physical addresses, phone numbers and dates of birth). This breach happened back in late February or early March 2014, but eBay discovered it about 2 weeks ago (and waited this long to share)!

How did this happen? Cyberattackers stole employee log-in credentials which then allowed them to access eBay’s corporate network.

How many eBay accounts are impacted? Since it’s an active investigation, eBay is not sure. They claim “the number could be large”.

What else should I be concerned about? The company says there is no evidence of any unauthorized activity and there is no evidence any financial or credit card information was stolen.  Also remember, eBay owns PayPal, but at this time claim no evidence that PayPal information was also hacked.

You can reach more about the breach here from the USA Today.

May 22, 2014: UPDATE from eBay can be found at this link.


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