Your Account Is Temporarily Frozen Phishing Email From Appsidstore

I am a HUGE apple fan and customer. The other day, I received a phishing email that immediately caught my attention. I receive hundreds of scam/phishing emails per month, but this one takes the prize.

I’ll admit, the subject caught my attention immediately. “Your Account is temporarily frozen”, but something seemed odd about the sender “Appsidstore”.

Then I read the first line and laughed out loud. Instead of addressing me as a customer, they said “Dear costumer”.


Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 9.23.20 AM

I outlined the letter below in red to indicate mistakes in this message. When you see a mistake, a red flag should go up immediately. This one is filled with mistakes. Apple would NEVER send a message to users filled with misspellings, punctuation errors and broken English.FalseAppleMessage.jpg


My best advice, permanently delete messages like this! They are not true. Never click a link located in a phishing email, that is how your personal information can be acquired (passwords, credit card number, etc.).


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