ebay Tip: How To Cancel A Transaction And Set Up Buyer Requirements

A friend recently started selling on ebay and wouldn’t you know, one of her first sales didn’t go as planned. The auction ended but the winning bidder was international (her auction was for US only).

She basically has two options…

Cancel the transaction (ebay fees will be reimbursed) and relist -OR- ship internationally.

Let’s be honest, shipping internationally is not an easy process, especially when you’re new to ebay and trying to learn the in’s and out’s of selling. There is a LOT to know before taking the plunge (international trading rules, how to complete customs forms, which forms are trackable, how long does it take, which countries to avoid, etc.). Here’s my ebay guide for international shipping (note: this was created several years ago so it may need some updates).

If you ever need to cancel a transaction, here is a video that walks you through the process.

Now, you can “attempt” to prevent bidders from bidding/buying on items by setting up buyer requirements. You choose to block bidders who:

  • Don’t have a PayPal account

  • Have unpaid items recorded on their account

  • Have a primary shipping address in countries you don’t want to ship to

  • Have violated eBay policies

  • Have a Feedback score lower than the number you specify

  • Are currently winning or have bought 1-100 of your items in the last 10 days (you can specify the number)

You can also block buyers by their user ID, so if a bidder/buyer gives you trouble just put them on your list.

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 9.30.53 AM

I use both the buyer requirements AND block feature, they have helped eliminate some headaches.

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