Have A #SweetHalloween With Oral-B And Crest

Disclosure: I am partnering with Oral-B and Crest as part of the #SweetHalloween Program. I received samples of Oral-B and Crest Pro-Health products, no additional compensation was received.


Many kids cannot imagine a Halloween without candy OR replacing sweets with healthy alternatives. Check out this video!

So, that didn’t go so well! Kids do not want tofu marshmallows or asparagus chews, they want sugary filled sweets for Halloween. Thankfully, Oral-B and Crest can help out with their powerful line of cavity fighting products so letting your little goblin splurge is ok!

Obviously, limiting the amount of candy is still VERY important, candy hangovers are the worst. I’ll be honest, I love sneaking candy from my son’s stash! I am notorious for eating candies that stick between my teeth (taffy, caramel and chewy stuff), so making sure to brush and prevent cavities is critical! Thankfully, Oral-B and Crest sent a Halloween care package so I am covered!

Crest and Oral B

My mom used to hand out Halloween baggies which contained new toothbrushes, tubes of tooth paste along with some healthy fruit snacks. I never quite understood why she’d hand that out on Halloween, until now. I am a mom and recognize the importance of good oral hygiene (and I know how much candy my son brings home after trick-or-treating), so thanks mom for that valuable lesson! She was just looking out for the other children and bringing awareness.

Here are a few oral hygiene tips to have a #SweetHalloween!

  1. Help your children brush and/or monitor them.
  2. Make sure they are brushing well and for at least 2 minutes. Play a song or use a timer.
  3. Use cavity fighting mouthwash under supervision.
  4. Set a good example! Brush, floss and rinse with your children.
  5. Visit the dentist regularly for checkups.

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