Skating News Flash: The Boy Can STOP

Skating News Flash: The Boy Can STOP

My 5 year old LOVES skating and has no fear! He first laced up his skates at the end of June and has come a LONG way! A little while ago, I shared this blog showing his first time on the ice as well as his confidence growing.

He’s a different kid now! He’s in his second set of hockey sessions and is thriving!


Well, I am happy to report he can officially stop without slamming into walls now!

Here’s a video from yesterday…

Not only am I thrilled for him, but I am also much calmer knowing when he’s flying he CAN stop…his little body will not slam full force against the wall!

I am also amazed at his dedication and passion, all he wants to do is skate and get better. We have him in tee ball also, but it’s just too slow paced for my little dare devil!

I was looking back at old photos and discovered this one (age 3).


He loves fast rides and coasters! His first car will be a vintage muscle car (he has it all figured out). Also, he is going to be a professional hockey player AND a race car driver when he grows up…can you say an adrenaline junkie?


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