eBay Tip: You CAN List More Than 12 Photos For Free

If you sell on ebay, you know 12 photos can be included for free. Sometimes 12 photos are not enough to showcase your item, after all buyers rely on photographs since they cannot touch the item.

I have found a way you can include MORE than 12 photos by creating free photo collages with PicMonkey. It’s easy to use and FREE!

Just go to “Create a collage”. Upload your photos and let the fun begin!

Here’s an example of an item I recently listed and used picmonkey. I basically shared 28 photos with potential buyers to show the details of these little wooden guys!

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 1.33.53 PMI have been using PicMonkey for basically EVERYTHING! It’s a great resource, check it out!

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