Terminix Should Be Terminated!

terminixLiving in Florida, homeowners should always have a termite bond and inspections done regularly (unfortunately, termites are everywhere in our state as well as other gross creepy crawlies). I paid for these services in December 2012 and my bond (aka contract with Terminix) is valid for one calendar year. I called and scheduled an appointment for a property inspection, I was given today (May 21st) with a window of time from 10 am – Noon. I received an automated call yesterday (May 20th) reminding me to be home between 10 and 12 so my technician could gain access to my home.

It is now 5:00 pm and I am still waiting on Terminix. To say I’m furious is an understatement. I called their customer service line inquiring about my appointment at 12:07 pm. At that time, I was told my technician would call me with his ETA.  An hour went by (1:16 pm) and I called back. At that time, the customer service representative tried to call the technician’s manager and couldn’t reach him either. She basically told me they probably are not going to show up today since they cannot track them down. She said “why don’t I just cancel this since the technician is already so late, he’s probably not going to make it to your home today anyway”. Seriously, that’s it? I rearranged my entire day for this appointment and I’m supposed to say “ok, sure, let’s try another day”. NO WAY!

I found the phone number for the Terminix sales guy (Chris) who sold me the bonds, so I called him at 1:24 and explained the situation. He told me he’d call the local office to see what’s going on and call me back in 5 minutes. Chris called me back at 2:34 asking if the manager called me yet. Nope, not a word! He was going to call the manager back and ask him to please call me (again) and then he’d follow-up with me later today to make sure I spoke with the manager.

It’s been 2+ hours and still not a word (although I do appreciate that Chris is trying to help me out).

My last encounter with Terminix was not so pleasant either. The technician that showed up to spray my attic (in December) refused to take his boots off inside my home. He basically told me that he wouldn’t hurt my newly refinished hardwood floors, he has 100 year old floors at home and they cannot be scratched or scraped. Really buddy? I literally JUST HAD THESE refinished, you can still smell the fumes! I asked him to use contractor booties and he refused to wear them, so I covered the floor with contractor paper! He also complained nonstop about the fact he was sick (he mentioned he thought he had pneumonia and didn’t feel like being at work) and couldn’t get a doctor appointment until later that evening. I honestly should have kicked him out for being rude to me about his filthy shoes AND for spreading his germs inside my home!

What is wrong with companies nowadays? Is it that difficult to give a customer a courtesy phone call letting them know you’re going to be late or that you need to reschedule? Also, why refuse something a homeowner requests like taking your germ covered shoes off or covering them with booties? I will jump through HOOPS for my customers, perhaps that’s what sets apart the small business owners from the big ones? Whatever the case, there’s one thing I don’t have to question…that’s the fact I will be seeking a new termite control company this December!


UPDATE: Just received a call at 5:09 pm stating there was a “mistake with scheduling” so I am now rescheduled. I told the manager I expect a courtesy call when the technician is on the way AND if for some reason he/she cannot make it, I expect a call communicating that as well!

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