CAMP Board Game Brings Camping To The Indoors

CAMP Board Game Brings Camping To The Indoors

Living in Florida, we do not experience brutal winters with howling winds and blankets of snow. But, it does get chilly here (however, this winter was unseasonably warm).  Cabin fever still sets in. Like many, we make forts using furniture and blankets and have fun with indoor activities. But I have to share a new board game that is guaranteed to take boredom away!

CAMP Board Game

CAMP is entertaining and educational. It allows kids of all ages to experience a taste of the outdoors while learning about wildlife and camping skills. Up to 8 players (ages 4+) will answer trivia questions while racing cute animal game pieces (e.g. Bruce the Moose, Sassy the Squirrel, Dawn the Doe, etc.) around the board. The object is to be the first player back to the campsite.

The game board is vibrant with full-color photos.  There are 4 levels of play for all age groups. You can start with easy questions and work up to more difficult ones as your outdoor and camping knowledge expands. My son enjoys level 1, the questions are mostly about animals and geography (each level gets progressively more difficult covering everything from wildlife migration habits to outdoor safely tidbits).


My kid hasn’t been camping yet (he’s almost 5), but this game has made him excited about going! He has learned some valuable camping tidbits which will better prepare him!

CAMP has quickly moved up to the top of our board game list and we play it regularly. Sometimes, we get his sleeping bag out, make s’mores (on the stove and not an open fire) and play some animal sounds in the background to give it a more realistic feel! Yes, we go all out!

*Disclosure: I received a complimentary sample to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own.


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