A Challenge From An Army Drill Sergeant

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 8.12.14 AMYesterday, I decided to do a little track running. When I arrived at the track (already ran a few miles prior), I noticed there was an enormous man with an “ARMY” shirt on. He had a stop watch and a very loud, barking voice. I ran a few laps and listened as he yelled at agent “Cortes” to pick up the pace. As I passed the drill sergeant on my 3rd lap, he yelled “don’t let this lady lap you Cortes”.

I looked up at the drill sergeant and asked “is that my challenge“. He responded with “No, that’s his threat“. I kicked in the afterburners and my sights were set on catching this young trainee (he was more than a half lap ahead of me).

No joke, he kept looking back over his shoulder as I sprinted towards him. He tried to maintain his speed, but he was hurting. I could tell he was out of gas (truth be told, I was using all my energy also because I was flying). I huffed and puffed, but I finally ran past him with my head held high. Needless to say, I was spent! I sprinted to the nearest bench (out of sight) so I could sit down and pray for an oxygen tank! LOL!

Yes, I may be in my mid-30’s, but I will take a challenge like that any day! That young man was lapped by a mom who had already run 15 miles this week, I know if my legs were fresh I would have smoked him even faster.

Sorry about the extra laps you had to run agent Cortes!

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