Ebay Buyer Left Negative Feedback About Paying Import Taxes

Today, the most bizarre thing happened. I logged into ebay and saw an international buyer left negative feedback. The comment said something like “Had to pay taxes before I could receive my item, NOT HAPPY“. I was floored, why would a buyer retaliate by leaving negative feedback for something that was completely outside of my control?

Instead of going through the “report a buyer” process and waiting for the situation to be reviewed, I called ebay. I wanted the comment removed immediately, which is exactly what happened! The ebay representative was so friendly and apologetic, I will definitely call in the future when I have an issue! I was beyond thankful, I don’t want my reputation tarnished because one international buyer is mad about paying taxes!

My next step was blocking this person from ever buying from me again!

I also decided to send the buyer a message. Perhaps he doesn’t purchase international items frequently and is unaware that little old me had nothing to do with import taxes? Whatever the case, he never should have left negative feedback. And for the record, a buyer should NEVER leave negative or neutral feedback before first communicating with the seller! Give the seller a chance to work things out and come to a mutual agreement that makes both buyer and seller happy.

Anyway, here is the message I sent. I kept it professional, but wanted him to know he was reported/documented for feedback misuse!


Dear butcher3648,

I just spoke to ebay and they removed the negative feedback you left about not being happy that you had to pay taxes before receiving your hat.

If you look at the item description, you will see the following message:

“**International shipping delivery time typically takes up to 2 weeks; however, the package may be held up in customs and delayed which is outside of my control. For international bidders: Import duties, taxes, and charges are NOT INCLUDED in the item price or shipping charges. These charges are the buyer’s responsibility.**”

Your country dictates taxes, I have nothing to do with it.

Warmest regards,

The Unemployed Mom

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