Walgreens Web Pickup Service Is A Life Saver #cbias

Walgreens Web Pickup Service Is A Life Saver #cbias

Walgreens is my go to store for medicines and health & beauty supplies. But, in all honesty there are two reasons I do not like entering the store. The first is I ALWAYS buy more than needed. Their displays and prices are so awesome, I am instantly drawn to them (and so is my kid). Secondly, there are sick people having prescriptions filled and I worry about germs. So, when I heard I could shop from my home computer OR with their new mobile app, I may have done a little dance!

Over the holidays, I created a photo book via Walgreens.com and it was ready for pick-up almost instantly! I was thrilled with the convenience factor as well as crossing off a last minute personalized grandparent gift. From that experience, I was hooked on shopping from home and then picking up my order.

Fast forward to today, I “thought” it was going to be an ordinary morning. Boy was I wrong! My son woke up feeling horrible so I made a doctor appointment.

#HappyHealthy Walgreens Adventure With My Sick Little Boy

They were able to see him immediately and after the evaluation, I left with a list of medicines, instructions and products to purchase.

Doctor instructions, I will be making a #HappyHealthy Walgreens Web Pickup Order!

Since my little guy was feeling miserable and running a fever, he needed to go home and rest. I was not going to drag him into a store and go down multiple aisles searching for products. Instead, we came home, he took some ibuprofen and I grabbed my laptop and made my Walgreens #HappyHealthy web pickup order!

First and foremost, I applied online to become a Balance Reward member which literally took a few seconds. Instead of having a card to carry, Walgreens keeps track of my reward number. Thank you Walgreens! The benefits of having this membership is to proceed through checkout faster, check order statuses, review purchase histories and for customization of photo gifts (books, calendars, gifts, etc.).

#HappyHealthy Joining Walgreens Balance Rewards Program

Once that step was complete, I used the keyword search box to research products available at my local Walgreens store. Talk about convenient, I am so thankful the online shopping option was available today! I needed to purchase a humidifier, so it was helpful to read customer reviews and product details before making a final decision. Had I physically gone to the store to shop, these reviews would not have been available unless I used my smart phone to research, which again would have added more time to my shopping experience.


Researching Products Before Purchasing Using Walgreens Web Pickup Service #HappyHealthy

I also found an online coupon code “WEBPICK” which allowed me to save $5 off my first web pickup service order! SCORE!

I placed my order and in less than an hour, received an email and a text message communicating my order was ready! My son had to tag along with me, but we were in and out so quickly he hardly even noticed (well, the gummy bears near the checkout area caught his attention).

Picking Up Walgreens Web Order #HappyHealthy

The web pickup counter was signed very well, so I had no problems locating it. Also, the Walgreens customer service representatives were friendly and eager to assist.

Walgreens Web Pickup Counter #HappyHealthy

You can follow my entire path to purchase google+ album hereWe took our purchases home and I immediately hooked up our humidifier and gave my son his medicines.

My conclusion is using Walgreens web pickup service saves time, money and rewards consumers to shop! I do not have a lot of time to spare being a mom and running an at-home business  so having the flexibility of placing my order online and picking up at my convenience is a life saver. I will continue to take advantage of Walgreens Web Pickup Service!

You can learn more about Walgreens on Facebook and Twitter.


* I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This content has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias® and Walgreens  #cbias #SocialFabric. All opinions are my own.”


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