Wordless Wednesday: Go Magic

Wordless Wednesday: Go Magic

We were so excited for the first Orlando Magic home game and OF COURSE my son insisted on wearing his Superman shirt. The only problem was, hell would freeze over before he wore a Dwight Howard shirt into the arena. So, while the kid took a pre-game nap, I pulled out my sewing kit.



Other fans had similar feelings, I saw many #12 COWARD jerseys! Brilliant! I may have to replace the “H” on his jersey with a “C”.

But, we did upgrade with this! My son LOVES J.J. Redick and even selected #7 as his t-ball number to be like J.J.

We ran into J.J. at Whole Foods the other day and my son froze. He couldn’t speak, it was adorable. He was up close and personal with his hometown hero and didn’t say a word…just stared.

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