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There’s nothing more frustrating than ordering a delivery pizza and receiving it lukewarm and soggy. This happened so frequently that I stopped ordering pizza and opted for frozen. Some frozen pizzas remind me of cardboard though, flavorless and blah. It has taken a lot of trials, but we have found a few all natural frozen “go to” brands. But in all honesty, we miss fresh pizza taste.

I recently was introduced to Papa Murphy’s. You basically visit their locations, and have a fresh pizza made right before your eyes. You select your favorite toppings and then take your pizza home for baking. Their site indicates the following…

“NO MORE FROZEN. NO MORE DELIVERY. JUST FRESH. Take ‘N’ Bake pizza from Papa Murphy’s. Fresh pizza made just the way you like it, right before your eyes. Baked at home, so it’s hot out of the oven and bursting with fresh flavor. This is how pizza should be.”

Through October 31, Papa Murphy’s is offering an adorable Jack-O pizza! It’s a pumpkin shaped pizza topped with pepperoni (my son’s favorite) to form a face! It was such a hit last year and is back by popular demand.

Cute, right? I showed my son this photo and told him we’d be trying one. He was very excited! I have to tell you though, the menu is filled with delicious pizza options, just take a look! Two that jumped out at me are the Herb Chicken Mediterranean deLITE and the Chicken Bacon Artichoke deLITE. I love cracker-thin crust, especially when topped with flavorful goodness like that!

There are three Papa Murphy’s Pizza locations in the Central Florida area, so I cannot wait to check one out! To see if you have a Papa Murphy’s near you and join the Take ‘N’ Bake Pizza Revolution, click here.

One lucky reader is going to win a $10 gift certificate to Papa Murphy’s! Just enter the Rafflecopter below:

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* I received a gift card to try Papa Murphy’s pizza; however, have not had the opportunity to visit yet since I am taking care of a sick child. Once he’s feeling better and eating again, we are making a trip!




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