The First Years Deluxe Reclining Feeding Seat Review

The First Years Deluxe Reclining Feeding Seat Review

Last month, I shared a coupon and gave away a Deluxe Reclining Feeding Seat by The First Years. Since I couldn’t provide a review (my son is way too big), I asked a friend for help. A special thanks to Tara at Time Of Our Lives for her review of this awesome Deluxe Reclining Feeding Chair! Not only can she use it for her toddler, but also for her new addition/edition making his or her debut in Winter 2012! 


When I was asked if I wanted to review the Deluxe Reclining Feeding Seat by The First Years I jumped instantly.  Braeden is almost 2 and had had issues with eating for months.  He currently used his high chair and while by no means was he growing out of it I think sometimes his issues may have been feeling a little left out from the table.  We also have a baby on the way so the fact that the chair reclines and can allow bottle feeding or as I see it a safe place away from a big brother was a bonus!

I checked out the seat online and could not wait for it to arrive.  According to The First Years description:

Use from newborn to 4 years old, featuring five recline positions, five-point harness, two height adjustments, and a full-size padded seat and tray. Plus, it easily converts to a low back padded booster seat for toddlers! It’s so easy to use – just attach the seat to a chair and it’s ready to use. Never consider a bulky high chair again! 

Now tell me that does not sound like the best seat ever!

At first glance my husband thought the chair looked difficult to put together.  But it only took a few minutes and walla seat was complete.  Now as most males do he did not pay attention to the pictures on the box, or his wife, and he put it together with the high back and ready for the tray.  Being Braeden is bigger and older as well as can feed himself all we needed was the booster part.  We did snap him in prior to taking off the back but that was a no go as he did not like being straped in from every direction.  Although it did hold him tight and it seemed very safe.

Once we had it back in booster only mode it was dinner time.  Now honestly he was iffy about the seat.  Not because of the seat itself but more because it was not his old faithful wooden high chair.  He hesitated and even screamed a bit as we lifted him into it.  But as dinner hit the table he was content especially when he realized Mom and Dad were eating too.  I think he actually got more in his mouth than he has in a long time.

With our table it was a little hard because between the padding on our chairs and the height of the seat he did not slide under but more up to the edge.  While it kind of bothered me he seemed ok and just put his toes on the wood.  This would not have worked for a messy dinner like spaghetti though.  I think if either the table did not have that wood or the chair a little less padding it would have been perfection.

I loved that even with his fascination with buckles he was unable to get this one open.  The seat kept him nice and snug and was easy peasy to clean off.  He has since used it at dinner time but we stick with our high chair for lunch.  I do see this becoming his permanent seat though.  I also plan on taking it with us to visit family and even out of town if we needed.  It is so compact but fits him great.

I can not wait to also use it later this year when we welcome a new baby.  Surely if my picky toddler thinks it is comfortable so will the new baby!


Disclosure: I received a free Deluxe Reclining Feeding Seat by The First Years to evaluate and comment on my experiences. All thoughts are mine.

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