Summer Brings A Trio of Babies To Busch Gardens

Squirrel Monkey, Anteater and a Kangaroo are Among the New Arrivals


TAMPA, FL (July 31, 2012) – Busch Gardens is celebrating the arrival of a baby squirrel monkey, giant anteater and kangaroo.

Since the new squirrel monkey and anteater were both born in June, the animals’ keepers are not sure if the babies are male or female. Once the keepers are able to identify the genders, the animals will be named. The baby squirrel monkey is extremely curious and spends most of its day riding around on its mother’s back.

The new anteater is only a month old and currently weighs less than 5 lbs. The baby will grow up to weigh more than 100 lbs like its parents, Adelhi (mother) and Buddy (father). Anteater babies nurse for six months and are carried on their mothers’ backs for up to a year.

Busch Gardens’ newest joey was named Louis by his keepers at Walkabout Way. He currently weighs less than 10 pounds and spends most of his day in the pouch of his mother, Lulu. When he becomes confident enough to spend the majority of his day outside of the pouch, he will join the kangaroo mob at Walkabout Way.

These babies are all currently being raised by their parents in private areas and they will soon be welcomed to guest viewing areas around the park. Like Busch Gardens on Facebook, follow the park on Twitter or read the Busch Gardens blog to learn more.

Photo credit: Matt Marriott/Busch Gardens

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