An Attempt To Bat-tle Mosquitoes

An Attempt To Bat-tle Mosquitoes

I have a beautiful backyard, but the mosquitoes (aka Florida state bird) are making it nearly impossible to enjoy. I’ve lived in Florida for 11+ years and it has never been this bad! I’m guessing the mild winter and all the rain are reasons.

I first heard about bat boxes from my son’s pediatrician. Did you know a single brown bat can eat up to 1,200 mosquitoes in an hour? I had no clue! I thought bats were these scary little creatures, but now I think they can quickly become my friend!

Anyway, the National Wildlife Federation contains great information about how to build a bat box, necessary tools, placement, etc. If you’re curious, you can access that information here.

I also found this helpful site, it discusses the importance of bats for our ecosystem and why bat boxes are important.


So, before I tackle this project (ok, let’s be honest…before I purchase one) does anyone have experience with bat boxes? Please share any tips, advice, etc!


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