Start Your Morning With Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss Creamer #NaturalBlissWM #CBias

Start Your Morning With Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss Creamer #NaturalBlissWM #CBias

Coffee is the first thing on my mind each morning! I stumble out of bed and need a freshly brewed cup (or two) to start my morning. My coffee maker is programed the night before so I wake to the aroma. My family knows NOT to approach me until I have at least one cup. My favorite time of the day is after my husband goes to work and our kid is still asleep (this doesn’t happen regularly, the kid has been waking early lately), I catch up on my email with a glorious cup of coffee. The house is silent and all I hear are birds singing in the backyard.

The other aspect needed to make this a perfect scenario is a delicious creamer. Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss coffee creamer IS that complimentary product! Not only is it tasty, but most importantly is all -natural. There are 4 ingredients: Milk, Cream, Sugar and Natural Flavors! Seriously, that is it! Nothing artificial whatsoever! Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss comes in three desirable flavors, Sweet Cream, Vanilla and Caramel.

Right now, you can score a coupon from Walmart’s website. Click here to print before you shop!

Before running errands, I gathered my coupons and created a shopping list. I typically forget everything I need when I enter Walmart, so a list is a must! I had an appointment at a contractor’s showroom and as we were leaving my kid spotted a Walmart! We decided to shop at this Walmart instead of our usual store (it was so convenient and saved gas money since the other Walmart was 20 miles away).

Here’s the Walmart we spotted, it is in Apopka, Florida. I stopped to take a picture of the tree canopy as I entered the parking lot. I could tell it was a much smaller store than we usually shop at, the parking lot was about 1/4 the size!

We were excited to get inside and check out the store and I didn’t realize my notebook containing my list and coupons was in the car. But, it was 90 degrees outside and I wasn’t feeling 100%, so I decided against going outside to retrieve it. I was able to remember most list items, so it wasn’t a big deal, I just missed out on saving money (which stinks, but I’ll use my coupons next time).

We made our way around the store. I spent a lot of time in the pharmacy area since my entire family is fighting allergies and sinus issues. I wanted to stock up on various vitamins, throat drops, medicine, etc. You can see our entire path to purchase google+ album here.

I knew the Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss would be located in the dairy section, but decided to also visit the coffee aisle to view other creamer products. I typically use my son’s organic milk in my coffee (except holidays, then I grab fun flavors to spice things up), so I was blown away by how many creamers are available!

Ultimately, I was drawn to the Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss products since they are all natural! Also, check out the packaging, I love it! Looks so clean and definitely stood out to me. I had to snap an instagram picture!

I decided to purchase vanilla. I debated caramel and wished I had my coupon with me so I could save $1 off of 2, but will use that next time!

The next morning, I was excited to taste test my vanilla creamer and OH what a difference the Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss made! It is not syrupy, the flavor is subtle and NOT overpowering. I am hooked. I do not feel guilty using it in my coffee since it is all natural, such a treat!

In the picture below, I am proudly showing that it’s “made with only four natural ingredients”! I also want to mention the design of the pour spout is terrific, I didn’t spill drops all over the counter.

To learn more about Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss, check out their website and “like” their facebook page.


* This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias; however, all opinions are my own. #NaturalBlissWM #CBias


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