Donate Used Shoes And Save 30% At New Balance Outlet

If you need new athletic shoes and have a New Balance outlet nearby, here’s an opportunity to save 30% off a new pair by donating your used athletic shoes!

Last night,  my husband and son took the shoes off their feet and donated them, then we walked out with two brand new pairs of running shoes for $40! I love New Balance and cannot say enough positive things about this brand, they are the ONLY running shoes I wear! We are going back today with more gently used shoes to donate and upgrade!

Promotion details:

  • Hurry, this offer ends March 26
  •  Valid up to 3 pairs
  • Donate any old athletic shoes of any brand
  • Gently worn shoes will be donated to a local shelter
To see if you have a New Balance outlet near you, click here.


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