10 Tips For Having A Successful Yard Sale

I love to hit yard sales on Saturdays…but now it’s time I have one of my own! I’ve been preparing for weeks, just hopeful the weather actually cooperates this weekend so I can clean out and make some cash!

Tips to have a successful yard sale:

  1. Create signs drivers can see. Use BOLD black markers and LARGE fonts with directional arrows so people can find your sale. If you do NOT want to create your own signs, Dollar Tree sells already staked signs so you can easily shove them into the ground. They are $1 each, so they will cost a little more, but will save you time and energy.
  2. Plan a signing strategy IN ADVANCE.  Write on the back side of your sign the street and cross street where each sign will be posted. This eliminates stress for the person posting your signs.
  3. Advertise for free in local papers, Craigslist, etc. You may not want to use your physical address but instead the main cross streets near your home. Also, see if there are any big events happening in your area, that can draw a much bigger crowd to your sale!
  4. Price your items in advance! Nothing frustrates me more than going to a yard sale where nothing is marked! I also hate when a seller says “what will you give me for it”. Be prepared!
  5. Be flexible on your pricing, after all you are having a yard sale to get rid of junk. I typically price my stuff a little higher in case people try to talk me down. Now, that does not mean give it away either. Know what your bottom line is and be firm. I don’t typically start going down on prices until a few hours into my sale.
  6. Have change. Not all buyers will have singles or change, so make sure you hit the bank (or your money jar) in advance. Also, keep your money on you at all times.
  7. Be organized with your merchandise layout. Keep like items together (clothing in one section, furniture in another, a table for breakables, etc.).
  8. Check the weather forecast. You don’t want to have a yard sale in the rain, so keep an eye on the forecast.
  9. Start your sale early. Most serious yard salers will be on the road and looking for sales as early as 7 am! If you do not want early birds, make sure you indicate that. We don’t put our signs out until we are about 90% set-up.
  10. Get your neighbors involved! You’ll draw a much bigger crowd if there is a community yard sale or other homes nearby participate.

Any other tips? Share them in the comments!

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