eBay Tip: Marketing & Driving Traffic to Your eBay Store

I received a question from an eBay seller asking “how can I effectively market eBay merchandise to reach prospective buyers”.

Here are a few steps I have personally taken with social media outlets:

  • Created a Facebook fan page where I share sale information, new listings and interact with prospective buyers.
  • Started a twitter account that automatically generates tweets for all items I post. I also use this twitter account to share eBay tips from my blog.
  • Added an eBay widget on my personal blog that takes people directly to my eBay store.

If you have an eBay store, you can take advantage of these powerful tools that are FREE with your eBay Stores subscription (I also use these methods to market and drive traffic to my eBay store).

  • Email marketing: Send professional looking e-newsletters to buyers and trigger repeat sales. You can send up to 10,000 free promotional emails each month, depending upon your eBay Stores subscription level.
  • Stores To Go: Add an eBay Store widget to your blog, website or other social networking sites.
  • HTML Builder: Build graphic and text links that drive buyers to your Store from YOUR other web pages AND promotional emails.
  • Search Engine Keyword Management: Customize keywords to improve your Store page rankings in search engines AND fill out as much information in the UPC fields as you can…if applicable to the item you are selling (I personally have not been happy with this one, remember this blog?).

What methods do you use? Would love to hear how others market and drive traffic to their eBay stores.

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