Healthy Grocery Shopping Advice From Dr. Oz

Yesterday, Dr. Oz helped shoppers make wise choices at our local Whole Foods in Winter Park (to read the Orlando Sentinel article, click here).

Grocery shopping can be confusing. You may think something is good for you, but in reality it is not! Below are key points from Dr. Oz that I had to share! Hopefully, your next grocery shopping experience will be less confusing and you will grab the healthiest options for your family.

  • Broccoli is the most important food in the grocery store, it cleanses your liver AND fights cancer!
  • Nuts are the #1 food for staying in shape.
  • Your brain is looking for nutrients, NOT calories! Feed your body nutrient filled whole foods.
  • Fill your pantry with real foods, so when you’re starving you grab something healthy.
  • Do not overdo it with baked goods.
  • Choose dark, leafy vegetables (the darker the better for you).
  • High-protein diets are effective with weight loss, but NOT all proteins are the same!
  • Choose wild-caught fish, NOT farm raised.
  • Select grass-fed and lean cuts of meat.
  • Avoid packaged and processed foods (skip those aisles). The ONLY 2 exceptions are frozen vegetables (good option when fresh is too expensive or not in season) and dried-beans which are a good source of affordable protein.
  • Dairy: unsweetened 2% Greek yogurt and low-fat or whole milk are recommended (NOT skim, it is not healthier).
  • Eat egg yolks! There are no health benefits by just eating egg whites.
The following items should never make it in your cart!
  • White foods made from white flour since nutrients have been stripped (e.g. bread, pasta, & rice).
  • Foods containing high fructose corn syrup.
  • Foods containing 4 grams + of sugar per serving.
  • Packaged foods with trans fat and saturated fats.
  • Processed meats, especially if they contain nitrates.

My 2 favorite Dr. Oz quotes in the Orlando Sentinel’s article are:

  • “Eating healthy takes more time, not more money.”
  • “The food you eat, you have to love, or you’ll never stay with the program.”

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