Kidfresh All Natural Meals

Kidfresh All Natural Meals

This past month has been insane with the holidays…an event here, commitment there, fighting INSANE shopping crowds, sitting in traffic jams…I’m sure you can somehow relate! Making sure your child eats a wholesome meal is important, even during crazy times and scheduling nightmares.

Sure, nibbling on organic fruits and veggies is healthy, but sometimes a hot meal is comforting and necessary. I was recently introduced to Kidfresh meals and they are a hit in my house! My son loves the macaroni and cheese, every time we go to Whole Foods he asks if he can get his circle shaped macaroni and cheese meal.

Never heard of Kidfresh? Let me tell you about this awesome brand! Kidfresh is introducing its new healthy frozen meals for kids – 100% natural, packed with hidden veggies and ready in 4 minutes! Kidfresh meals are providing key nutrients for growing children and up to 33% of a child’s daily vegetable requirements by the addition of hidden vegetables. Each meal comes packed high in protein and vitamins, contains low sodium, and all for under 400 calories with great taste that kids love.

Seriously, if you are strapped for time, you can reach for this and your kids will NOT be disappointed. It takes less time to prepare this macaroni than it does for you to run through a drive-through and feed your kid something not so healthy. Plus, it is a child size portion that will make their little tummy happy and not left feeling icky after consuming.

How do you prepare this all natural kid’s meal? You just open the box, pull back a corner of the film to vent, then pop it into your microwave oven for a few minutes. What you will see is an ooey gooey cheesy goodness!

Just stir it up and let it sit for a minute to cool down.

Ok, so it sounds healthy and looks insanely delicious…but how does it taste? Well, according to my toddler it’s pretty fantastic! He loves the shape, it’s easy for him to poke his fork right into the wagon wheels and gobble down. He also loves the packaging.

I managed to sneak a bite (before my son devoured every last wagon wheel) and I couldn’t believe how delicious! I compare the taste to the macaroni and cheese that is served on the hot bar at Whole Foods.

This is one meal I would not hesitate to serve when I am in a hurry. My son enjoys it plus I feel good knowing he is eating a nutritious, well-rounded, all natural meal.

I found KidFresh meals at my local Whole Foods market, but keep in mind they are not available in all grocery stores. You can check this link to see if KidFresh is carried in a store near you. Also, “like” the KidFresh facebook page and then download a $1 off coupon to save money! They are pricey ($3.79 at my local Whole Foods) so the coupon will definitely come in handy.


* I received complimentary coupons to taste test KidFresh meals. No additional compensation was received, all opinions are mine.


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