BearPaw Share The Love, Spread The Comfort Update

BearPaw Share The Love, Spread The Comfort Update

Before Christmas, I shared a link where you could nominate families for Share The Love, Spread The Comfort campaign by BearPaw footwear. Basically, BearPaw was asking for people to nominate families who could use a little help, have been an inspiration, have fought great battles, OR just deserved some blessings during the holiday season.

I nominated a family that truly inspired me with their positive attitude and compassion and guess what, THEY WON! I was so excited to share the good news with the Preston family on Christmas eve when I dropped off their BearPaw gifts.

Here is the blog BearPaw shared about the winning family!

And here is a photo of their little girl proudly displaying her BearPaw boots! How cute is this?!?! And for the record, I LOVE these boots!

And here is their youngest son with his! Both kids were eager to model their new BearPaw boots.


Congratulations to the Preston family! They have been a true inspiration and taught me NOT to sweat the small stuff. I hope 2012 is filled with good health, happiness and lots of blessings for this lovely family!


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