I never understood when people said “next year will be the year he really gets into Christmas”.  I thought my kid enjoyed the holidays last year (at age 2 1/2) but what a difference a year makes!

This year he is so into the holiday spirit! From decorating gingerbread cookies (this has been a family tradition of ours since he was a baby), watching Christmas specials, helping decorate our tree, asking me all about my special ornaments, jumping out of bed each morning to open his lego advent calendar, counting down the days, driving around the city at night and hearing him yell “Christmas lights” with so much excitement every time he spots a festive home, FINALLY grasping the concept of the “elf on the shelf“, and making the connection about the true meaning of Christmas.

Last night after saying prayers, I told him Bob (his elf) would have a good report for Santa tonight since he was such a good boy. All the sudden, he became concerned, here is our dialogue:

The kid: “mommy, we don’t have a fireplace, what will Santa do?”

Me: “Santa is magical, he will be able to get in. He’ll probably use the front door. You can listen for him! I’ll even leave your bedroom door open since you have a perfect view of the Christmas tree!”

The kid: “where will Rudolph be?”

Me: “On the roof! You will probably hear him prancing or perhaps even his bell! Let’s leave carrots for him. After Santa enjoys your cookies and milk, he will take carrots up to Rudolph!”

The kid: “Rudolph is not a rabbit Mommy”.

I love watching the twinkle in his eye when he talks about Santa or feeling warmth in my heart when he hears Jesus and says “mommy has a book about him”. He is not just focused on the commercial aspects of Christmas, but also grasping the true meaning!

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