Include UPC Information In eBay Listings For Google Product Search Results

I recently noticed my eBay listings are not showing up when I perform a google product search in google shopping. If I type in part of my listing title in a normal google search, then I am sometimes successful…but not with google product search.

I called eBay customer support last night and this is what I learned.

Google product search is now requiring unique identifiers for the apparel category (clothing, shoes and accessories). UPC code information must be included for google’s catalogue.

Here is a screen shot of the UPC field when you are listing apparel on eBay.


Here’s the kicker though, google decides which listings¬†they will make available via product search. So, who knows if the UPC efforts even make a difference! The information the eBay rep shared was from a memo dated August 8, 2011. She also recommended I contact google to further inquire.

I noticed other forums have similar comments…sellers are upset their listings are not showing up and they are not receiving any real advice about how to increase their visibility.

I do include UPC information when listing my items. Any thoughts? Is this happening to you?


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