Wendy’s Tour of America – Get A Dave’s Hot ‘N Juicy Cheeseburger At Cranes Roost Park

Let’s face it, on Halloween your kids are going to be on candy overload from all the sweet treats…so why not take them trick-or-treating AND get a REALLY GOOD CHEESEBURGER?

Wendy’s has rebuilt their cheeseburger “from the beef up” and will be giving away 37,000 free cheeseburgers on their “Tour of America”! If you are in the Orlando area, then don’t miss the local meet-up on Halloween! Not only do you get to try Dave’s Hot ‘N Juicy, but if you arrive early, you can meet Dave Thomas’ actual daughter, Wendy!

You can follow the tour on Facebook and/or see if your city is participating here.

Your square cheeseburger will have 40% thicker beef and fresh toppings prepared that day, served on a buttered and toasted bun. I already love Wendy’s cheeseburgers, so I cannot wait to try Dave’s Hot ‘N Juicy!

Event details are as follows:

LOCATION: Cranes Roost Park (274 Cranes Roost Blvd, Altamonte Springs, FL 32701)

WHEN: Monday, October 31, 4pm – 9pm

There will be trick-or-treating at the park, so make sure to wear your costume!

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