Guest Blogger: New Parent Diagnosed With Cancer

Guest Blogger: New Parent Diagnosed With Cancer

Can you imagine being a new mom and finding out you have cancer? Check out Heather’s story and how she fought the fight of her life! Her story is one of hope and inspiration for anyone battling cancer.

I was having my first child, and I had nothing to compare it to. I felt anxious, which is normal for first-time parents. I just knew I wanted a beautiful healthy child, so I kept my attention focused on that while my body was undergoing many changes.

Lily, my beautiful, healthy girl was born on August 4th, 2005. I kept my own healthy diet and breast-fed her. A month later, I went back to work. Between work, taking care of my daughter and doing regular chores, I saw my excess baby weight disappear. I felt tired, but my doctor said there was nothing to worry about.

My feeling of fatigue worsened over the next few months. I went from fatigue to exhaustion. I had no strength and felt weak throughout the entire day. At night I started running fevers, and I began to feel heaviness in my chest. And it didn’t leave. It was constant. As time went by, it intensified.

I’ll never forget a day in November when I was doing chores at home. I thought I’d go upstairs and do the laundry. I made it only halfway up the steps when I had to stop. I needed more breath. I made my way over to the couch. I was alone with Lily at the time, she was in her swing happily cooing. I thought I would rest just a moment so put my head back. It was two hours later when I woke up. Given my age, I knew that wasn’t right, even with a new infant and working full time. I immediately made an appointment to see my doctor.

That was in early November. My doctor’s appointment was on November 21, 2005, and it’s another day that forever altered my life. I was told I had mesothelioma. Not only did I have cancer, but it was a cancer that claims the lives of 90-95% of those who have it.
How in the world could I cope with this? Lily was not quite fifteen weeks old. I was in turmoil.

It’s now close to six years since I’ve been free from mesothelioma. I started fighting that day for myself and everyone I love. I waged war on this cancer, which I detail in my blog. It shares my diagnosis and treatment, how I was affected as well as the people that I love. My story is meant in inspire and give hope.


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