Offer Free Shipping To eBay Customers & Use Flat Rate Envelopes

At the recent eBay On Location conference in Orlando, I learned that offerring free shipping helps your item move to the top of the search engines! To be honest, prior to the conference I had always charged shipping fees. I changed my philosophy and guess what…items are flying off my shelves like crazy! But, when I sat back and thought about it, I personally HATE paying shipping fees and will usually pay a little more for an item if shipping is free (and the seller has good credentials of course)!

If you do not use Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelopes to ship, then what are you waiting for? I have found in many cases these are cheaper than shipping first class mail! I am able to pack a large variety of merchandise inside and seal it shut for a domestic flat rate of $4.95 ($4.75 with online savings if you print from home)! There is a 4 lb domestic weight limit, but I have never had any issues (even packing jeans inside them)! This shipping route saves me a LOT of money which is important when I offer free shipping. If you do not offer free shipping, this is still an economical route for your customers!

As long as you can get the package sealed (and a little extra tape across the top to secure everything inside), then you are fine! The size is 12 1/2″ x 9 1/2″.

You can also use these envelopes to ship internationally, but keep in mind you can only attach a small customs form that does not allow tracking capabilities! The price increases as well, depending on the country you are shipping to. Currently, the rate is $10.40 (Mexico/Canada), $12.30 (all other countries) with online postal purchase you save $0.55 to $0.65.

You can pick these envelopes up at your local post office or order online for free home delivery!

There are also a few other Priority Mail envelope and box options that can ONLY be delivered to your home, so take a look! I just placed an order which includes Priority Mail Flat Rate Padded Envelopes! They are the same size and shipping rates as the envelope mentioned above, but contains bubble padding to protect the items you ship (saves on tissue paper)! If you’re interested, the item No: EP14PE-XV at the store!

What is your favorite envelope or box to ship in?


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