eBay Account Limitations

If you are a new seller on eBay, keep in mind eBay has 3 types of limitations that may cause you some headaches: Account limits, Category limits & Item limits.

When I first started my selling adventure years ago, this happened to me. I had several designer hand bags listed and when I attempted to list another, I received a messages stating that I could not. I was beyond frustrated because the object was to make money and that obviously couldn’t happen if the merchandise could not be listed.

I sent a message to eBay inquiring why I was limited and was basically told because I listed too many designer purses in one month. They wanted to keep a safe trading environment and needed to make sure my items were not counterfeits. I offered to share my credit card statements indicating the merchandise was purchased from the retail store and/or any receipts necessary to prove the authenticity. After that dialogue, I never had any other limitations issues.

If this happens to you, make sure to check out “limits on eBay sellers“. This page will help you understand more about why this may be happening and how you can potentially request higher limits.

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