eBay Tip: Tracking Capability Is Vital

An eBay customer located in New York sent a message inquiring where his item was. I immediately went to the eBay record and pulled up the tracking information from his delivery confirmation receipt. I could not believe what I saw. His package went from Orlando to Colorado and then made it’s way back to New York. Talk about taking the scenic route! This gives new meaning to the term “snail mail”! The original estimated delivery date was quoted as July 28 but the item didn’t arrived until August 10!

On the bright side, this is the first time I have ever had a postal delay occur within the United States, but talk about frustrating! I asked my local post office employees what could have possibly went wrong and they explained once they place the mail in bins, everything is sorted via machines and the only other time a human touches it is when the mail carrier is delivering. They blamed the error on computers (go figure).

Although this was outside of my control, I feel horrible! I have offered the customer a discount on future purchases! He was very patient throughout this ordeal and I am very grateful.

This is a prime example why delivery confirmation is so important. Without the tracking details, I never would have known where this item was or what was going on!

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