Too Good To Be True On eBay

I once learned a valuable lesson on eBay, if something seems to good to be true, then it probably is! I have already blogged about the importance of the title “Top Rated Seller” and if you see something listed from one of these trusted sellers, then proceed with less caution. Well, I had been looking for a specific exercise dvd system (P90X Extreme Home Fitness system by Tony Horton) and did not want to pay retail for it. I also ONLY wanted a legitimate set, no boot leg copies.

I found a new set listed “Buy It Now” for $9.99 and free shipping from a Top Rated Seller. I shot the seller a message inquiring about the authenticity, but became impatient waiting for a response. I knew at that bargain price, the set was going to be purchased.  While I knew this seemed too good to be true, I quickly purchased the dvds and started doing a little dance. I was on a high all morning long, until I received an email from eBay indicating that the seller’s account had been hacked and my PayPal payment was already 100% refunded. BUMMER! Someone broke into this seller’s account and sold 41 sets for $9.99 each. I feel so bad for this seller so of course I understand.

Has this ever happened to anyone else? Have you ever purchased something on eBay only to receive a message that the sale is null and void?

Always remember, if you have an eBay account use a password that would not easily be figured out and obviously, do not share it with others. Also, do NOT use the same password for all of your various online accounts! If a hacker gains access to one account, then they can access multiple ones! Be smart.

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