Winery Etiquette: Do Not Be Tacky

While visiting one of my favorite Virginia wineries this past weekend, we sat outside and enjoyed a glass of wine on the grounds. It was a very busy Sunday at this particular winery because of a Groupon deal that people were cashing in on. I didn’t mean to invade anyone’s privacy, but I did snap a photo of a group that brought their own magnum of wine to enjoy (for those who do not know, a magnum contains 1.5 liters which is equivalent to 2 bottles of wine). They were actually drinking their “Fetzer” wine out of glasses borrowed from the winery! Talk about tacky! Who does that? Well, obviously the people below (I cropped the photo so you could not see their faces)!

I will give them credit, at least they sent their husbands inside to purchase a bottle of white from the winery to enjoy AFTER they finished their enormous magnum.

I also captured another lady who obviously had a bit too much to drink and decided to just lay down in the grass.

I promise, I was not looking for these types of things to snap photos of. It was almost as if there were neon signs blinking “I am tacky” right above them. Trust me, I would have liked to capture video of the group of at least 10 that were beyond intoxicated and didn’t care who heard their conversations. I’m talking red faces, slurred speech, the whole nine yards! A winery isn’t a place you visit to get intoxicated. posted 10 tasting rules to help people understand how you should and should not behave while visiting a winery. To see those, click here. You may want to share them with your friends to avoid public humiliation.


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