Healthy Choice For Life Key Messages & Meal Review

Did you know Healthy Choice is the ONLY major brand in its category that can call 100% of its products “healthy” as defined by the FDA? What does that mean exactly? Each meal must be:

  • Low in fat.
  • Low in saturated fat.
  • Controlled in sodium and cholesterol.
  • Supply at least 10% of the daily value for three beneficial nutrients (calcium, protein, fiber, iron, vitamin A or vitamin C).

Healthy Choice recently conducted a 30-day research study where 60+ participants replaced 10 meals per week with a Healthy Choice meal for either lunch or dinner.  These participants also added 2-3 food items to their diet (fruits & veggies) according to their caloric and gender needs.

The findings showed that, as part of a reduced calorie diet, eating Healthy Choice can lead to having more energy and a better diet than before. Participants lost an average of six pounds trimming their waistlines by approximately an inch! Additionally, participants significantly improved the quality of their overall diets by increasing fiber, reducing saturated fat intake by 50% and consuming 30% less cholesterol and sodium!

Below are Healthy Choice for Life Key Messages:

  • According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) two-thirds of American adults are overweight or obese, which puts them at increased risk for heart disease, diabetes and the metabolic syndrome.
  • Recent research shows that replacing 10 meals per week with a portion-controlled Healthy Choice meal, as part of a reduced calorie diet, can improve quality of life and dietary quality.
  • Incorporating a ready-to-eat, pre-portioned healthy option meal is a simple way to be more health conscious, lose weight and improve quality of life.
  • The study reinforces the importance of portion control. This is a fundamental to successful weight loss.

I received two complimentary coupons to try Healthy Choice meals. I honestly had no clue how many options are available – nearly 70 varieties for 400 calories that provide positive nutrients such as whole grains, fiber, protein and antioxidants.

I selected the Spicy Shrimp Diavolo and Chicken Pesto Alfredo complete meals and opted to bake both in my oven. The smell was incredible! To be honest, I was shocked at how much food each meal contained! Both contained a generous portion of carrots & broccoli as well as cherry blueberry multigrain crisp. The vegetables were not mushy like I have experienced with some frozen meals in the past. The cherry blueberry multigrain crisp was tasty, almost hard to believe it is healthy.

The Spicy Shrimp Diavolo pasta (shrimp with whole grain pasta in a spicy tomato sauce, vegetables & cherry blueberry multigrain crisp) contains 13g of protein, 15g whole grains and only 250 calories. I was a little disappointed since this was mild, not at all spicy. But, the portions were very generous and definitely filling.

The Chicken Pesto Alfredo (chicken tenderloins in basil pesto alfredo sauce over pasta, vegetables & cherry blueberry multigrain crisp) contains 20g of protein, 15g of whole grain and 300 calories. The Chicken Pesto Alfredo wins the blue ribbon, absolutely delicious. The chicken was tender and the alfredo sauce was perfect. The meal was definitely satisfying and I would purchase this again.

In addition to being held to the highest standards by the FDA, I also like the fact Healthy Choice teaches portion control. Let’s face it, when we order a meal at a restaurant our plates are piled high. In some cases, one plate contains enough food that could feed our entire family a portion controlled meal! These meals were definitely satisfying.

Since I am a parent, I know I am setting an example for my three year old son. Teaching him about making healthy lifestyle choices is critical. I am setting the foundation for his health and wellness. Below are three choices my family makes for a healthier lifestyle.

  • Eating whole and organic foods as much as possible. Since I am the family cook, I make sure we all eat foods that are minimally processed. This means making several trips to the farmer’s market and grocery store per week for fresh produce, but it is worth it.
  • Exercising daily. Every day, I lace up my running shoes and strap my son in his jogging stroller. I typically jog several miles during the day and then my entire family goes for an evening walk after we enjoy dinner together. Last month, I logged 160 miles!
  • Scheduling annual check-ups. It’s not safe to assume you are healthy unless your doctor tells you so. Having yearly physicals, blood tests, dental and optical visits are just a few ways I make sure my family stays healthy.

Healthy Choice meals are available nationwide! They offer a variety of frozen and shelf stable options. Make sure to “like” them on facebook. Let me know which meals are your favorite and what you do to maintain a healthy lifestyle in the comments below.


* Disclosure: Thanks to The Motherhood and Healthy Choice, I was provided complimentary coupons to sample their meals.  I was also compensated for my time to share my experience. All opinions are 100% mine.

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