Moms4Moms: Help Moms In Need This Mother’s Day

I learned about Moms4Moms and Every Mother Counts from my blogging pal Mommy Niri. Every Mother Counts is an advocacy and mobilization campaign to increase education and support for maternal and child health.

Social media moms are vowing to help moms in need. How? By spreading awareness and asking YOU for help.

Check out these frightening statistics:

  • The U.S. ranks 50th globally in maternal health care.
  • 15% of all pregnancies result in a potentially fatal complication during labor or delivery.
  • Pregnancy is the biggest killer of girls ages 15-19 in the developing world.
  • For every woman who dies in childbirth, 20 more suffer from debilitating complication.
  • We have the knowledge to prevent 90% of all maternal deaths- and they’re often simple, common-sense, affordable solutions.

You can take action and help by spreading the word via facebook and twitter, donating an old cell phone, donating a few dollars, or hosting a party. For more ideas, click here. Together we can make a difference!

Also, “like” the Moms4Moms facebook page for additional information and updates.

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