Lessons Learned From Easter

This past weekend was our son’s third Easter. In just a few days he will be leaving the terrible two stage and officially be in the horrible three’s. We learned some valuable lessons over the holiday and I wanted to share!

Here are some things you need to do next year and one that you should not even consider unless you want to scar your child for life!


  • Pretend to call the Easter Bunny and threaten that the oversized mammal will not be delivering any goodies if the child does not behave or go to bed on time! You will thank me for this, it’s almost like the “elf on the shelf” concept at Christmas time (hmm, do I see a new invention here…I said it first).
  • Buy goodies that you will not swipe from your little one. Also, do not go overboard on sugary sweets otherwise you will regret it. If you need proof, check out our Disney Halloween experience last year.
  • If your child misbehaves after receiving Easter goodies, ┬áthreaten to call or text the big bunny! Tell your kid he will return and take back everything!


  • Do not tell your kid “the Easter Bunny may peek inside your window tonight”. Oh boy, what was my husband thinking telling our son this?!?! I had to come to the rescue with “you know how Santa is magical and comes down the chimney when you’re sleeping, the Easter bunny does something similar“. Just check out the video “Easter Bunny Scares Kids” if you need┬áreassurance why this is not a good idea. I am pretty sure the little boy in the video will need therapy!

Did you learn any Easter lessons? Please share!

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