Thank You Walt Disney

The other day at Hollywood Studios, I became inspired by a sign inside the Honey I Shrunk The Kids play area. I snapped a photo of my son running out of a cave and just happened to notice this…

Here is a close-up in case you couldn’t read it in the photo above.

Sometimes we find motivation in the strangest, most unexpected places and for me…it was at Disney World! So many times I say I’m going to do this or that, and then I never execute. It’s either “I’m too tired” or  “I had a rough day” or “the kid didn’t nap so I didn’t have time” but those excuses are not going to help me achieve my goals.

After a rough couple of months with health challenges, I have received the all clear to exercise! It’s time to focus on me and feel good both mentally and physically! No more excuses! I am beyond excited to put on my sneakers and take control!

I hope I can keep this positive attitude, perhaps I need to print this quote and post it in my workout area!

What keeps you motivated?

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