Mommy Niri Cares

In the blogosphere, we all have people that we admire. For me, that person is Mommy Niri. She has been such a positive influence to me and many other bloggers. I admire her drive, ambition and the fact she is completely true to herself.

I had the privilege of meeting Niri last week at Disney! She is simply amazing! I only wish we had more time to spend together, she is so genuine and kind.

Recently Niri launched a new site that speaks true to her character and shows what a big heart she has, Mommy Niri Cares. I look forward to the social good that will spread through inspirational stories of struggles and strength, interviews, news and information shared at Mommy Niri Cares.

Links to Niri’s social media sites are below, I encourage you all to follow her.

Mommy Niri:

Mommy Niri Cares:


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