Home Economics Class Saved Mickey Mouse

Mickey had a little accident. I admit…it was totally MY fault! His hands were starting to look gray and well, he needed a bath. So, I threw him in the washing machine. This is what I saw when I pulled him out.

I tried not to panic as I searched for my sewing kit. I wanted to perform surgery quickly and quietly without alarming my son. Thankfully, “Jake and the Neverland Pirates” kept him occupied, he had no clue what was going down in the laundry room!

Here is the patient now, still in recovery but doing very well. He’s going to be just fine!

Thankfully, I took home economics in middle school so I was qualified to stitch him up!┬áThis is a prime example to share with your child when he or she asks “when am I ever going to use this class in real life”.

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