My son is obsessed with the word “no” and has been using it regularly. When I ask him to put his shoes away, the response is “no”. I let him know dinner is ready and ask him to come and eat…I hear “no”. My favorite is, “do you need a fresh diaper” even though I don’t need to ask since I can smell him, the response is of course “no”.

Just this second, I told him to stop climbing on the stool and grabbing items off of my countertop, the response was “no” with a minor meltdown.

I wonder where he learned it from? I mean, I am not a broken record or anything.

We were checking out of Whole Foods the other day and the clerk asked, “how old is he”. I said almost 3 and she got this smirk on her face and said “oh, so he’s in the no stage, huh”. Wow, so it’s NOT just my kid! We obviously need to work on “yes”!

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