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Recently, eBay has made buying less stressful by awarding certain sellers the title “Top Rated Seller“. This is not an award they hand out to everyone, sellers must consistently receive high buyers’ ratings (4 or 5 stars), ship merchandise quickly and earn a track record of excellent service. They also must sell at least $3,000 worth of merchandise and complete 100 transactions in a year.

You can feel confident purchasing from a Top Rated Seller because of their proven track record. eBay regularly reviews Top Rated Sellers to confirm they are continuously meeting the program requirements.

How do you know if a seller is top rated? There are several ways. First, look for the Top-rated Seller ribbon beside of the seller’s eBay id. If you open an auction, glance to the right of the page. If he or she is deemed a Top-rated seller, then you will see something similar to this.

Also, when you perform an eBay search you will see the Top Rated Seller badge beside of merchandise. Notice the snapshot below, the top two blazers are listed by Top Rated Sellers, the bottom two are not.

If interested, you can perform a search that only shows items listed by a Top Rated Seller. In order to do so, type in the item you want to search for and select “eBay Top-Rated Sellers” under “Seller” located on the left-hand side.

In my personal opinion, the Top Rated Seller award is more important than being a Power Seller to potential buyers. In many cases, I will pay a little more for an item listed by a Top Rated Seller since I can expect exceptional customer service. Hopefully, you can use this information and have a better buying experience on eBay.

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