One of my local blogging friends recently launched a new site called “Still Worth It“. How many times have you thought about purchasing a new gadget but then started thinking…I wonder if this will be worth the investment? It happens to me ALL THE TIME which is why I rarely purchase first generation anything! Many reviews that I see online are written when a product is still in the honeymoon stage. What I really want to know is does the product hold up over time, is it something real consumers (like you and me) would recommend, does it last, etc. This site will house all of that information. Do not buy blindly again, find out if the item is still worth it!

Not only do you have the chance to read/write real reviews and then make informed purchasing decisions, but you can also enter to win an Amazon Kindle ($139 value) and a $25 Kindle gift card! To help launch StillWorthIt, this special promo is offered to those who register and use the site (e.g. write an original review and/or post a comment). There is also a runner-up $50 Best Buy gift card prize. NOTE: Contest ends December 10, 2010 at Midnight EST. Full promo details can be found here.

Check out the site and write your reviews to let people know if that product is “Still Worth It”. Also, make sure to follow on  Facebook and Twitter.

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