Stuff Your Stockings With Hasbro Action Figures

I have always loved action figures! When I was a kid, I preferred my brother’s toys over mine since they were way cooler. When Hasbro shipped a package of stocking stuffers to me my son, I was beyond excited. I was immediately taken back to my childhood since the action figures were Star Wars and Transformers, two of my all time favorites! I am thrilled to see the next generation playing with the same classics I grew up with!

The first one I jumped up and down over was Yoda from the Star Wars Action Figures With Galactic Battle Game. Who doesn’t love that friendly green guy? I immediately started saying “How feel you”. I know, I know…I really need to get out more. Anyway, this collection allows you your kids to battle their friends in head-to-head action and test the powers of their favorite characters. With interactive game-play, these toys are fun for newer fans, as well as long-time collectors. These figures retail for approximately $6.99 and are for ages 4 and up which is why I am keeping it! Also, each figure is packaged with a competitive gaming base, a unique battle attributes card and a die to play the game, allowing kids to interact with their Star Wars action figures in a whole new way.

We also received Icepick with Chainclaw from the Transformers Power Core Combiners 2-Pack. Since it isn’t my favorite Optimus Prime, I will let me kid have it (he will play with it while supervised since it is for ages 5 and up). This new Transformers collection introduces fans to an all-new assortment of figures that expand on the classic Transformers play pattern. This will let your son feel like he’s part of the wildly popular Transformers story!  The 2-pack includes one Scout scale Transformers figure, which features both a robot and vehicle mode, and one Mini-Con scale figure with four modes – robot, robot weapon, vehicle weapon and Power-up Armor.  At only $9.99, this affordable combo will make both mother and son happy.

I personally think these are terrific stocking stuffers! They are fun, inexpensive and will provide hours of entertainment for everyone!

* Disclosure: Hasbro provided samples for me to review. All opinions are 100% mine.

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